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Saturday Night Live Leave Me Alurn Skit Video Jan. 19, 2019

If Annoying Men Are a Pain in Your Ash, SNL's "Leave Me Alurn" Is the Perfect Repellent

No matter what women do, sometimes men just won't get the hint. We can try faking a phone call, wearing headphones without music playing, smiling politely 'til the conversation ends, or simply say "no, thank you" — but that can get exhausting. What if there was a foolproof way to shut down a guy's advances without being rude? Well, that's where the "Leave Me Alurn" comes in.

During the Jan. 19 Saturday Night Live episode, the cast members and host Rachel Brosnahan pitched an imaginary product that would put an end to awkward, unwanted small talk. The "Leave Me Alurn" is a "conversation prophylactic," used to redirect attention from strangers. Don't let your solo holiday or night out get interrupted — just pull out your fake urn (which doubles as a water bottle and phone charger). Any conversation will be stopped dead in its tracks. Wish we could get one of our very own; especially when it comes with free lower back spikes!

Image Source: NBC
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