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SNL "Bachelorette Party" Sketch Video April 2019

You Didn't Think Kit Harington Would Host SNL Without Doing a Strip Tease, Did You?

Kit Harington made his Saturday Night Live hosting debut on April 6, and as expected, the skits were chock-full of Game of Thrones references. But anyone who is fully aware that Harington himself is an entire snack (someone had to say it) also shouldn't be surprised that they really capitalised on the 32-year-old actor's sex appeal. In the "Bachelorette Party" sketch, Harington plays a man named Bryan who surprises his fiancée at her prewedding get-together with a burlesque performance. Rocking a red corset dress with gloves and heels, he slowly begins to strip in front of guests (one of them being his relative — shout out to Game of Thrones's incestuous relationships!) as they look on in confusion. But, hey, at least they got to see those sweet, sweet abs.

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